No Fire Zone

“Shocking” —The Guardian

“Vitally Important” —Empire

“An absolute must see” —Nepali Times

“A Tour de Force” —Movies That Matter

—Time Out

“Utterly Convincing” —Toronto Globe and Mail

—Faded Glamour

“Haunting, disturbing…unforgettable” - Right Now, Australia

“Beautifully crafted and heart-wrenching” —Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting

—London Film Review

“Devastating” —Hoopla Australia

“Will break your heart” —Toronto Film Scene

“Shocks on every level” —The London Film Review

“Essential viewing” —Time Out UK

“One of the most chilling documentaries I’ve watched” — David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

“The only film that gives me faith in journalism” - M.I.A, musician and artist

“Images sufficiently graphic to give you nightmares – but sometimes it takes a nightmare to wake us up”—Now Magazine

In January 2015 Sri Lanka elected a new President Maithripala Sirisena. President Sirisena was swept to power on a wave of Anti Rajapaksa sentiment and had pledged to end the culture of fear, nepotism and corruption that had been the hallmark of Rajapaksa's 10 year presidency. As part of this pledge President Sirisena called for the restoration of a free press and the right to freedom of Speech. No Fire Zone presented him (via the Sri Lankan Hgh Commission in London) a special copy of the Sinhala version of No Fire Zone complete with a recorded message from the films director Callum Macrae.