No Fire Zone

“Shocking” —The Guardian

“Vitally Important” —Empire

“An absolute must see” —Nepali Times

“A Tour de Force” —Movies That Matter

—Time Out

“Utterly Convincing” —Toronto Globe and Mail

—Faded Glamour

“Haunting, disturbing…unforgettable” - Right Now, Australia

“Beautifully crafted and heart-wrenching” —Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting

—London Film Review

“Devastating” —Hoopla Australia

“Will break your heart” —Toronto Film Scene

“Shocks on every level” —The London Film Review

“Essential viewing” —Time Out UK

“One of the most chilling documentaries I’ve watched” — David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

“The only film that gives me faith in journalism” - M.I.A, musician and artist

“Images sufficiently graphic to give you nightmares – but sometimes it takes a nightmare to wake us up”—Now Magazine

Notes to Editors

No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka is a shocking feature documentary exposing some of the worst war crimes of the 21st century. The feature-length documentary tells the story of the last 138 days of the Sri Lankan civil war. It represents the culmination of three years of journalistic investigation which began with Channel 4 News’s exposure of atrocities committed by government forces at the end of the war.  The film also addresses the culpability of the Tamil Tigers, themselves responsible for committing war crimes and for preventing civilians from trying to escape the carnage.

Since 2009 there has been no independent judicial investigation into what happened and the Government of Sri Lanka continues to say the video evidence of war crimes is faked. A UN Panel of Experts reported to Ban Ki Moon that as many as 40,000 civilians may have died during the first few months of 2009 – mostly as a result of government shelling.  A more recent internal UN review concluded the figure could be higher - 70,000 or even more.

No Fire Zone also brings this story up to date. This is still a live story – the brutal repression and ethnic restructuring of the Tamil homelands in the north of Sri Lanka continues – journalists and government critics are still disappearing.



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